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Monday, November 21, 2011

Sock Toppers! {picture me screaming like I just won on The Price Is Right, that's how excited I am!!}

Warning!  The information contained in this post may change your life forever.....
 Aren't these cute!  I was sitting in my sewing room, about to concoct me up some new pretty socks, when I spied some elastic sitting next to my machine.....then, like angels singing, it came to me!  SOCK TOPPERS with an elastic!  Then I won't have to decide what color lace to do with which sock? and...Will they wash well? and...will they stay up?  and...Where should I attach them?  and...How bad do I really want to ruin a perfectly good pair of socks?  I'm telling you what.....sock toppers are the way to go! 
 AND...they are soooo much easier!
 With so much more possibility!

Here comes the tutorial......
 This is the other part that may change your life (in case you missed the first part, it was the idea of sock toppers!  Sheesh!)  Are you ready cause you are either going to say "Sundi you are brilliant!" OR "Seriously Sundi, your disgusting, and when it comes to cheap chickadees, you are TOO cheap!!"  Probably the latter, but I'm ok with that.

See this elastic in the picture above?  It's cut off from some old underwear!  Yup.  In my opinion, it's a wonderful way to recycle.  All underwear are different, some have super stretchy pretty elastic, some thick (like my husbands), some lacy, some thin.  Depending on what you are looking for in your elastic, any of it will work.  And please don't tell me that your underwear doesn't have elastic....It does!  Otherwise they would be around your ankles right now!  I've been stealing elastic from my husbands under garments for a while now.  I use it in making skirts for my girls!

So basically, I measured my leg with the elastic, making sure it would fit comfortably and then I stretched/pulled it as much as I possibly could as I sewed on the lace (don't stretch the lace, just feed it through).  Then I attached the two ends and that's basically it!! 
 See?  The possibilities are endless!  Add a button, add a bow, use your favorite fabric to make a ruffle!  Go crazy!  These would make lovely Christmas gifts!!
If only I had the photoshop skill to make my legs look a little less like a half cooked pastry........

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