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Friday, October 12, 2012

A 20 Minute Interchangeable Holiday Wreath

This wreath literally took me 20 minutes AND held up in my windy haven of a front porch last night (crazy wind, rain and hail weather)!  So.... I thought I'd quickly share while the baby is asleep (yup he's cute and sweet and lovely and I'll share more about my new bundle of joy very soon).  This wreath is also interchangeable!!!  Woohoo you know how I love that!

What you need:

A Styrofoam wreath base. ( I bought mine from Joann Fabrics for like 3 bucks with a coupon so it was cheaper than using one of those pipe insulator things that young hip folks are using nowadays ;))

4 or 5 different colored sheets of felt

1 yard of burlap

pearl head push pins

What to do:

First I cut strips of burlap about 3-4 inches in width, then wrapped them around the wreath, hot glue-ing the ends of each strip on the back until the styrofoam was completely covered.

Then I cut out 2 different colors of leaves (freehand) and sewed leafy patterns on them.  They are all different but I just used my straight stitch and free handed that as well.

Then I cut out random circles for the flowers.  Most of the flowers just have 3 layered circles.  I then put the flowers on with one pin in the middle per flower.  If you push the pins in really hard it makes the flowers ruffle and pop a little more.  The great thing about this is that nothing is permanent.  You can take the flowers out and mess with them until you get it just right.  Then I added the leaves the same way but I used regular small pins so that you couldn't see the heads. 

Here's the cool part....when the season is over just pop off those pins and felt store them in a plastic bag and start a new wreath using the same base!  I'm thinking felt snow flakes, or holly berries or just flowers and leaves again but in Christmas colors!  I'll post pics of that one too!

Here's how to hang it.  I have issues with my door because it's fiber glass with a wood paint job.  The last time I used a wreath hanger it scratched up my door and when the wind blew in the middle of the night I thought some monster was knocking on my door!  So... I simply hot glue-ed two felt strips on the back of the wreath (make sure they are perfectly parallel)

 And then put some of these command strips on my door.  If you haven't used these before they are great!!  They hold up well and when you're done with them you just pull the little tab at the bottom and they come off without leaving any gunk or taking any paint with them!

We had our windiest night yet last night and this baby held up like a champ.  I love it that I don't have to listen to it banging on my door!

Friday, December 9, 2011

1 Hr. Wreath Tutorial {and a few simple ways to spruce up your existing holiday decor}

Green felt leaf wreath
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Let me just start by saying that I LOVE all the creative wreath's I've seen lately on Pinterest and the blogsphere.  And have been dying to make some sort of wreath creation of my own.  I just have this thing with them like I want them to be green or look like something that resembles something in nature....or at the very least something you might find in a cartoon fairy land.  Does that make any sense to anyone at all?  That's what I wanted for MY house anyway.  That's not to say I don't like original creative wreaths.

I think you should also know that this wreath is sooooo much cuter in real life!  Isn't that how it always goes?

So here's how I did it...  I started with some foam like pipe insulator.  It was only 3 dollars for 6 feet of it which is MUCH cheaper than buying a Styrofoam wreath form at the craft store. You can get it at your local plumbing store or Home Depot.  All you need to do is cut it to the size you want and then duck tape it together to form a circle.

Then I took strips of olive green flannel and wrapped it around the form hot gluing as I went, until the ugly gray part was completely covered.

I then cut out 95 dark green felt leaves and 95 of the flannel.  I would have used all felt but the color selection at the fabric store was limited and I REALLY wanted olive green.  I cut down on my cutting time by snipping 4 leafs at a time and I also free handed them so there are varying shapes and sizes.

Then I doubled up the two colors and started pinning the leafs straight into the form.  I went all the way around the wreath in the same direction.

THEN, I decided that some of the leaves needed to have a seam down the middle like real leaves.  So I lined them up on my machine and sewed through about 15 leaves in a continuous line (not stopping to backstitch or anything)  That part was really fast.

Then I took those "pretty" leaves and hot glued them over all the spots where you could see the pins.

The red flowers were created by layering random circles on top of each other and then handstitching them together.  I pulled the last few stitches really tight to make the flowers turn up a little.  This is also the technique I used for the flowers on my stockings....seen here (since a few of you asked).

The whole wreath is pretty self explanatory if you just look closely at the pictures, but hopefully this was at least a little helpful.

Let's talk about sprucing up our Christmas Decor.....

 One of the things I did this year was ad a few Christmas blankets/quilts here and there...except guess what?  They aren't really blankets!  You know how you are always seeing adorable vintage looking Christmas fabric at the fabric store?  And you think, 'what could I do with this?'  (Well, I think that anyway).  Cause the thing is, who wants to, or has time to make a Christmas quilt that only gets to stay out for 1 month?  Not I.  So, basically I just wrapped some fabric around the quilts I already had.  You can even pin them into place if you want.
People keep asking me where I got that adorable Christmas blanket....shhhh....don't tell!

Another thing I did was mod podge some of my favorite holiday photos of the kids (in sepia form) over top of some old ornaments that I didn't really care for anymore.  Simple, quick and adorable!  These last two are nabbed once again from pinterest...

Pinned Image
I also love the idea of simply covering your existing candles with  holiday scrapbook paper.

And I REALLY love the idea of covering old books in Christmas paper...

ahhhhhhh so many ideas, so little time.  The story of my life.

 I hope you enjoyed my wreath!  Now I need to go find a home for it.

Happy Holidays!