Monday, April 8, 2013

{How to Print Instagrams in Picasa} and {My Instagram Photo Frame}

Guess what?!!!  I got a new camera AND my computer is fixed!  HELLOOOO blogging!  (Knock on wood) hopefully they will both work for a while!  Thanks for sticking with me during my hiatus!

Today I'd like to share with you a project I finished in the fall.  I'm going to tell you how to easily print instagrams using Picasa and also how to make this cute "pictures hanging from clothespins inside a giant frame" thingymabobber. 

After Max was born I decided I needed something new to go above my bed to complete my bedroom makeover (SEE MY BEDROOM HERE).  I have been loving all the projects I've seen using Instagram photos but wanted to use some pictures taken with my camera as well.  I also wanted it to look umm I dunno randomly pieced together?  So I wanted the photos to be different sizes and different colors while still somehow matching. 

I started with the photos from my camera and edited them in Picasa3 (it's downloadable for free).  I used the "Cross Process" option on most of those and then printed them off in 4x6 size and cut them down a little making them slightly more squared and then I inked the edges with an ink pad a bit to get the vintage photo look.

I used Picasa for the Instagrams as well.  I copied the pictures after creating an account at ink361.  It allows you to copy all of your Instagram photos from the past and put them into a file on your computer to then edit or do what you like with! 

Now that I had them in a file I put them into a collage in Picasa and selected "picture pile" and 8x10 size.  I put roughly 6-8 pictures to a page then clicked create collage and then saved it and sent it to Wal-Mart 1 hr. as an 8X10.  When I got them back all I had to do was cut them apart. If you're trying to fit each picture into a frame or need a specific size, there is a mathematical way to do it but I was just going for small squares that looked good.  If you are like me and your not "in" to measurements and math and all that useless mumbo jumbo (kidding, kinda), then you could always hold an 8x10 sized paper up to your collage on the computer screen and zoom in or out until the collage is the same size as your paper and THEN you will know how big your pictures will come out!  Seems kinda silly but to me it makes TOTAL sense to do it that way!

If you want to get technical this gal at FINDING NANNA explains her way of doing it on Picasa.

I didn't do any editing to my instagram pictures I left them in the filters I chose for them originally.

For the frame I just used a barn wood frame that I picked up at Hobby Lobby for around 20.00.  It's quite large but I'm not sure on the exact size.  I bought a couple packages of mini clothespins found at Wal-Mart in the office supply section and then I used thumbtacks to secure twine (string) across the back of the empty frame.  SUPER EASY is the name of my game!

It's already time to change my pictures up!  Since it's so easy I think I'll go do that right now! 

Have fun!


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That is such a cute idea. Love it.

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Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

This is amazing! Is there any way you can measure and let me know what the size of the frame is? There are two on the website that look similar to your photo...


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