Sunday, October 14, 2012

My Autumn Decor

Welcome to my Happy Autumn Home :)

To make this sweet little fall centerpiece, simply find an acorn tree (you might want to google what they look like if your kinda dumb and clueless like my Mom and I were), and pick up a bunch of acorns and acorn tops off the ground where they usually have fallen.  There should be a ton.  After gathering, I simply painted the nuts, then hot glued the little hats on and then hot glued them to a couple of branches.  It was really simple and fast.  I love it!  P.S. if you happen to have a can of primer lying around it helps to spray some on the acorns before painting to makes less work.

 My favorite thing I've done lately is take the pictures off the fridge and tape them to the sliding glass door.  Does anyone else have a major fingerprint problem like I do???  I swear I could wash those windows 10 times a day and they still wouldn't be clean for longer than 5 minutes!  It drives me nuts to sit at the kitchen table and stare at fingerprints!!  It's like it's all I can see!  So......... although I'm sure they are still there, I can not longer see them which makes me pretty happy.  And my kids are loving showing off their Autumn artwork!  Plus......I HATE stuff on my fridge!

 A spray painted flower vase and flowers and Autumn flowers which can be bought at both Big Lots and Joann's Fabrics right now.

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