Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Easy No Sew Pin Cushion {a perfect thank you gift!}

This summer for some reason I have found myself making a lot of simple gifts.  Thank you gifts, birthday gifts, baby gifts...etc.  I was going to wait and share them all in one big "gifting" post but umm.. I don't wanna.  So here is the first simple gift of many more to come.

I made this as a thank you for my sister in law's mother. She might already have a pin cushion but personally I have 2 and I'm thinking that I need one more!  I like to have one right next to my sewing machine and another that travels with me around the room.  Plus it's cute!!   She and my SIL took my three girls to her teeny tiny home town for 2 whole days!  They entertained them, fed them and showed them some good old fashioned small town fun while Jack and I had some much needed mother/son bonding time ;)

This project was so stinking easy and quick, I think I'll make 10 more!  I just need to go find some fun tea cups at the thrift store...or grandmothers cupboard....she won't notice right?  Just teasing, I don't actually have any living grandmothers but I'm thinking of adopting one....with tea cups ideally.

What you need:

a fabric scrap {a little smaller than a fat quarter will do}
a tea cup
1-2 cups dried rice
a rubber band
E6000 glue
lace, buttons,  pearlized pins and any other embellishments you'd like to add

What to do:

First lay your fabric flat and pile the rice on, play with it a little until you think it looks just right like a nice round ball (this actually was easier than I thought it would be).  You want the cupcake looking part to over lap the tea cup just enough that you can glue it to the top of the cup ledge.  When it looks just right, wrap a rubber band around the bottom so the rice doesn't fall out.  Cut off the excess fabric and then make a rim of glue around the cup and plop it in.  After letting that sit for a few minutes glue a piece of lace around the cupcake directly to the fabric and right along the line of the cup.  After that I glued a fabric covered button and a felt ball on the top but you can do whatever you want.  Get creative.  I really like these Dritz pearlized pins because I think they look like sprinkles on the cupcake plus they hold up better than any other pin I've had as far as not bending and staying sharp!

Have fun!  I'd love for you to share your pin cushions with me!


Carrie said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Those are SO cute. I think I will do something nice for you so you will need a reason to "thank" me. I also believe this needs to be the project next time you arrive at my casa.