Thursday, June 7, 2012

The 5.00 Shabby Chic Bedskirt Tutorial {and a new look for my bedroom!}

Scroll down for the bed skirt tutorial (it's in pink!)

Above is a picture of my room feeling all bright and pretty......

And here it's all like........mysterious and sexy.  The difference?  My orange curtains.  I love them!

I also love the view from my bedroom windows so either way we are happy!

Unless someone decides to develop the land behind me.....then I will be soooo moving!

I spend a lot of time in my bedroom.....or shall I say the WHOLE FAMILY spends a lot of time in our bedroom.  So when we were building our house we put a lot of thought into our room and tried to make it (and the bathroom and the closet) as large as we could afford.  Of course there are always lots of things you would do differently after building a house, but for the most part I love my room and love spending time in there.  Especially when it's clean!!!

When we built I was pregnant with Jack and we planned it so that he could sleep in our large closet for the first couple months of his life.  It worked out great!  There is a large bathroom separating the bedroom from the closet so it is far enough away from us that we don't wake each other up every 5 minutes and close enough that I feel comfortable about it.  I know that sounds totally bogus to some of you but we do what works!  Now that we have another little one coming, I felt the need to spruce up my room a bit since it will be his room too (kinda) and it's where I like to nurse....and well...I dunno, do I need an excuse?

I'm still in the process of finishing it but couldn't wait to share what I have so far!  Especially the BEDSKIRT!!!  Let's do that shall we?

Bed Skirt Tutorial

What you need:
1 King size flat sheet or in my case two old King size fitted sheets
1 package of straight pins

What I did:
I can't even believe how easy this was and how much I still love it!!  For me this project was actually free but I put 5.00 in the title to make it more believable.  If you don't have some old sheets laying around go to your thrift store and buy some there.  Maybe you think that's gross but if you bleach them and keep in mind that your not sleeping on them or even sitting on them then...I'm ok with it :)

I simply took a measurement of the length from the top of my box spring to the floor and then added about 6-8 extra inches.  Then I cut the sheet into strips of that size and sewed the strips together making one enormously long strip.  I then went into my room to see if it would be enough.  I tucked the sheet in bunching and ruffling (no pinning yet) to see how it would look and decided I needed one or two more strips.  Sorry about the lack of measuring but this was more of an eyeballing job.  I then hemmed my big long strip on one end and went to work.  

I simply tucked the bed skirt CLEAR in pinching it as I went to get the ruffling look.  After the whole thing looked just right, I took my straight pins and pinned the bed skirt to my box spring.  I was able to do this easily but if you have the sort of box spring that doesn't like pins you can duck tape it in place.  I have done this before as well and it works like a charm.

Check it out!
 Hopefully you can see the teeny tiny pins in there.  I think you should also know that I tuck my sheets in every time I make the bed and it hasn't pulled out or changed in the least bit.

And I love, love, LOVE the clean look of not being able to see the box spring or that little space between the bed skirt and the floor.  It creates such a neat and pretty look!

Ok can we talk about my yard sale finds now?

I saw this chest at a yard sale up the street from us and loved it, so my sweet kids and husband went back and bought it for me for my birthday.  This was...... a couple years ago.  I finally got around to finishing it yesterday!



For this particular piece of furniture I just sanded it very lightly, then spray painted it Ivory (from Krylon), then sanded the heck out of it!  It didn't take long at all.  And of course, I adore it!  My husband doesn't like it there but I keep telling him "the baby needs it!"  I mean, I could put blankets and diapers and stuff in it right?

This chair was also a yard sale find and in my opinion it's in perfect condition!  It's a little worn in but there are no stains on it and I got it for 35 bucks!  Plus it's always nice when you can give the owner a good look up and down and determine that they look to be a pretty clean person.  Hee hee!  I know I'm not the only one who does that!  I put the chair facing the TV and I just can't wait to nurse my new little baby boy in it!  (ok maybe I'm not super excited about the painful part of nursing but I can't wait to meet him!)  WAIT! Have I mentioned before that I'm having a boy?

IT'S A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are all super excited!  All right enough about my room.  I will post some pictures of a few other bedroom projects soon.  I need to take the vinyl off the wall above my bed and replace it with something awesome.  Any ideas?


Kristi said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I am so Jealous of your chest/bench redo! I have been wanting and looking for that exact same thing! It looks amazing! I love your room! Good work!

Pam from Over the Big Moon said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Looks awesome! Congrats on it being a boy! He and Jack will be best buddies!

London said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I love this room! It looks wonderful! As for taking down the vinyl... You have a blank wall to work with, and I'm jealous. I've always wanted to do a faux headboard, and I found a beautiful one Here! I think something similar to the first picture would fit in amazingly with your decor. Ooh, and since it's fabric, you could add family photos with push pins if you wanted.
I'm about to start a room makeover of my own. Stop by my blog and check it out. From London With Love

SwedishCorner-DownUnder...Pernilla said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Such a lovely room - and the view!!
Greetings from Australia♥

very merry vintage style said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

FAbulous look... and it couldn't get any easier. Stop by and link up if you have time!