Saturday, May 5, 2012

Where Can I Buy More Time?

 I got this sweet little email the other day and it made me want to start blogging a little more.  I've been doing lots of projects, I just have been bad at pulling out my camera and sharing them with you!!  All in good time my friends! 

April and May have been crazy so far!  Does anyone else want to punch the month of May in the face??  Everything my kids are doing is all happening in May and it mostly seems like there are about 10 things in the same week.  Ugh!!  I am however looking especially forward to TUESDAY!!!  We find out the sex of the baby that day!  Wooohoo!  I can't wait to start making he or she some things!

Here is the sweet note from Samantha:

 I just wanted to say I love you! I saw one of your tutorials and read how your thing with being imperfect, not measuring, & keeping it simple & I am the SAME way... I dont even make patterns... I just cut, lol. Everyone thinks I am crazy..... and I have never met anyone who is like this. When I read that I was like OMGoooooodness I am NOT the only one!!!! :) you can see the stuff I make on my flickr or etsy :) -Samantha

Check her out!

I especially love this little owl!!