Thursday, March 29, 2012

For My Little Chica's...{ahhh Spring...we're still waiting...}

Seeing all the Spring fabrics everywhere has made me pine for some little girly projects!  When I see those pretty Spring florals I suddenly have a one track mind.  Must buy. Must make something. Now!!  
Here are some of the ideas lurking on my pinboards...
I love the combination pictured above.  It looks like she used some sort of stretch lace for the bottom of the leggings.  And look!  There isn't even any purple in the legging material! Genius!  Breaking all the rules is totally my style!
The above photo and following four pictures came from this source

I ADORE these colors!  I could do with out the giant hairbow but that's my own personal pet peeve.  Sorry :/

 These colors!!  Oh I just want to eat them!  And then kiss them and snuggle them and sing them a lullaby and then tuck them into bed..........  ;)

 My girls are so simple but I think I could get Addy to wear this dress!

 I love the gingham!!  This would be such an easy dress to make...I think.

I have made one cute little spring top for Averi to help ease my cravings.  I'll show it soon, I just need one nice day (or a trip to grandma's) to take some good pictures!


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