Friday, December 30, 2011

Family Friday {Averi's Imagination}

I've figured out a way to incorporate my family into my blog and it's called "Family Friday", we'll see how long I can remember to keep this up.  So far I haven't been very diligent in keeping up my alliterated themed days.  I know what your thinking, how can I even CALL myself a blogger right?  I mean if you don't have "Manic Mondays", "Tipful Tuesdays", "Thrifty Thursdays" and so forth then well,....what are you?  NOT a blogger my friend!  Not a blogger.  You know I'm just making fun of myself right? :) 

Averi says the funniest things while she's pretending, back when I was strictly family blogging, I wrote silly things my kids would say all the time, but lately I've been forgetting things because I don't write them down DUH!  OBVIOUSLY!

This morning as I was putting my makeup on, I could hear her in the tub.  She had dumped out some bath salts and had created a whole family out of them.  They had names, a community, the whole bit.  She was performing a funeral for "Shiny" who had died and needed to go into the "dead box".  She closed the lid on the bath salts bottle (dead box) and put a bath salt on top and said "they call him the guard of the dead bodies"  The guard had an English accent and the little girl (can't remember her name) had a southern accent. There was also a point when people kept coming back alive and then dying again.

I guess anything can happen when you create your own little imaginary world.  This is why I had such a hard time figuring out what to get my kids for Christmas. They literally make something out of nothing and then carry on for hours with it, while their toys sit in the closet.  I do love it though :)

Here's another favorite of mine from the past.  Like WAAAY in the past.

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