Monday, December 5, 2011

Fairy and Friends Counting Flash Cards & 2-Part Counting Cards Printable - Guest Post by Over the Big Moon

Hey Show & Tell readers!  We are Lisa and Pam from Over the Big Moon!

Before we get into our printable, I quickly wanted to do an introduction.  Over the Big Moon is a blog where you will find a little bit of everything that relates to family life, kids, and decorating our homes!  We offer Free Printables, Pre-K Packs, DIY/Tutorials and anything that is related to family life, children and homemaking!  We would love for you to stop on over and see what we have to offer!

Today, I (Pam) have a kids fun learning printable!  When I design kids printables, I generally have them boy themed (Lisa and I only have boys), so I thought it would be fun to offer a GIRL themed printable!  I will be designing a boy related version of this printable soon and will offer it at Over the Big Moon soon!  So, if you have boys, no worries.  Just watch for it next week sometime!

Counting Flash Cards

2-Part Counting Cards

I created these documents to help Pre-K and K aged kids work on counting, number recognition and number word recognition.  The flash card set would be used to help kids learn to count and visually associate the number.  The 2-Part Counting Cards would be used to help kids be able to learn to match the number and the number word piece with the correct picture piece.

To prepare the documents, I recommend printing them on cardstock and then laminating them.  This way the documents can be handled over and over!  Which means, lots of fun practice for your kiddos!

To download the Fairy and Friends Counting Printable click HERE!

I hope you are able to enjoy these with your kiddos!  There is a Fairy Pre-K Pack at Over the Big Moon that would go great with these too!

Also don't forget to come see us at Over the Big Moon to see more Free Printables, Tutorials, Pre-K Packs, Traditions, Home Decor and More!

Thanks to Sundi for letting us Guest Post today!  We a jealous with envy of her mad sewing skills and upcycling abilities!  We can't wait for her Guest Post at Over the Big Moon later this week!


Awwww!  (Sundi here), I just love these gals and their big creative giving hearts!  I know my kiddos will love these, as they love all the "Over The Big Moon" printables.  I have to say, the Gnome Pack is my favorite!  Go check it out!  Oh, and I really like the Holiday to-do list as well...hmmm....I guess I love it all!  Thanks Pam and Lisa!


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