Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Why I LOVE Half Aprons + An Upcycled Skirt To Apron Tutorial

Alright I know your all thinking "half aprons?  I need a full apron".  People if you don't understand the benefits of a half apron I'm telling you, you are missing out!!!  Here's why I can't live without mine.

1.  I use my half apron to help me pick up toys and other messes around the house.  It's like having 10 arms!!  I scoop them all up in my big ol apron, lift up the corners as I carry them, and then dump the items where they need to go.

2.  You know those holes you get in your knit shirts right across the belly button?  I know that these are sometimes caused by your shirt rubbing against your jeans, but ever since I started wearing half aprons in the kitchen, I haven't gotten any new holes.  We are talking for a few years now!

3.  I use my apron as a dish towel.  We are ALWAYS needing to wipe our hands and I hate going back for that dish towel.  I'd rather wear it!

4.  When I'm doing dishes I like to dive right in.  When I have my apron on, I don't have to worry about rubbing up against a big watery puddle or counter.  It keeps me dry.

5.  I use it to carry food from my storage room to the kitchen.  My aprons can carry 12 cans at a time!

6.  It keeps my clothes clean!! 

7.  Full aprons bug me.  With a half apron I don't feel like I'm wearing extra clothing. 

8.  Wearing an apron makes me feel like a domestic diva!!

I wear my half apron above my belly button like a total dork but that's how they work best and luckily high rise is kind of in style right now...right?  RIGHT??  I also feel that if you wear them high enough you will still keep clean.  The only time I use a full apron is when cooking something greasy that may splatter up higher.

Now that I've converted you, are you ready to make an upcycled half apron of your own?  Ok, let's get started!
1. Find a skirt from your closet or the thrift store.  Make sure it's cotton or something that would work well for an apron.  I got this skirt at the thrift store.  It has a great shape!!  Oh and the skirt doesn't have to fit you!

2.  Fold the skirt in half and either cut a section off the back (making it open) or just cut one line right down the middle.  Folding it in half will keep it fitting evenly if the skirt flares out or anything like that.  I  didn't want my apron quite so wide so I cut out a 9 inch section.  After this you can do step 7 or wait.  It doesn't matter.

3.  Make your tie.  First cut out a long strip of fabric that can go clear around your waste and tie in the back, you may have to attach two strips.  Then iron in both sides of your sash as pictured above.

4.  Then do this.

5.  Then iron in half like this.

6.  Then basically sew it shut.

7.  Fold in the two sides of your apron, press and sew.
8.  I don't have a picture for this part.  You just need to pin the tie to the center of your apron, straight across the front, and SEW IT ON!!

I made my sash/tie quite long so that I could wrap it all the way around to the front to tie. I also added a little hanky from the antique store for wiping hands and embellished it with a bird applique and some ric rac.

These pictures don't do this apron justice!  I think it's my favorite half apron EVER!  The best part about upcycling a skirt is that the hard part is done for you!  It already has a girly fit and most of the hemming is done.  I almost decided to keep this for myself!  Whoever wins this apron is going to LOVE it!! 

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Alison @ mommadidit.blogspot.com said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Ha! I was just thinking earlier today, what's with half aprons? They don't keep you clean! But I see the light, now! Thanks for converting me. This one is absolutely darling! I would actually WANT to do house work in that! Thanks for sharing.

Erin Shakespear said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates



That is so cute. I am seriously very very impressed. Love the colors and the style and the bird! Love it all.

I've been a full apron kind of gal. But I'm going to have to make me one of these now. Someday...

Great job!

Jamie W said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I have never understood the point of half aprons, but now I do!! Which means that I now would really love to win it, since sadly, sewing has not yet adorned my list of crafting abilities. It is so cute!

Loni said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Ok, I made myself a half apron! Thank you for doing the tutorial because I would have made at least 2 mistakes otherwise! I am in love with the new apron. I feel like I am going to make myself like 85. Or at least as many cute skirts as I can find at DI! :)

Zarah said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Cuuuuute!! I'm so gonna go skirt-shopping at the local Thrift Shop, tomorrow! No more passing the cutest shirts by because the don't fit. This is GREAT fora messy crafter like me! :D

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

YOU feel like a dork?

I keep mine tied all the time - just slip it over my head and put my arms through (the "waist" of the apron sits straight across my chest) - it keeps me from getting wet or splattered...I don't need to worry about picking up the toys so much as my great-grandkids usually take home the toys they come with. LOL

I absolutely LOVE the one you showed...the colors are great and the little bird totally finishes it off.