Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Magic :)


I had a crazy fun week last week.  We had Thanksgiving with my brother and his wife who traveled all the way from Canada.  Also, with my youngest brother and parents.  It was DELISH!!  My husbands grandma passed away whom I was closer to than any of my own grandmas, on Thanksgiving Day.  It was one of those really happy/really sad moments.  She was very old and longed to die and although we will miss her greatly, we are happy for her as well.  She was a sweet and amazing women who lead a full life and then some.

  On Friday, we all packed up and went to Sacramento to spend the rest of the week with my sister and her new baby Remmington, who was blessed on Sunday.  It was a fun filled yet roller coaster of emotions weekend.

I don't have any new projects to share with you today but I wanted to post these pictures of my vintage style Christmas tree from last year.  It makes me happy to see these pictures, and excited to get my tree up again this week.  Hopefully I will get around to making my new stockings...NO, I WILL get around to it!  And then I will post pics and a tutorial.

Happy Holidays!


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Sorry for your loss Sundi! Happy Holidays