Thursday, November 17, 2011

{Baby Thoughts} Quilt and a Birthday Cake Bunting!

My oldest daughter, Lydia, turned 10 a few weeks ago and I promised to reveal her "baby thoughts" quilt.  It's a quilt with squares made from her baby clothes, mixed in with some cute bright quilting fabrics, and topped off with soft minky dot fabric on the back.

Some of you may remember the post I did about Addy's "Baby Thoughts" quilt as well.  I found a wonderful and simple tutorial on how to put it together here
From Creations by Kara.  Her's is very different than mine but easy to follow and uses the same concepts.

I'M NOT A QUILTER.  My compulsive tendency to imperfection causes me to suck at quilting.  BUT.... this quilt is supposed to be scrappy and well......imperfect.  So it's the perfect quilt for me.  And the perfect quilt for any of you "non quilters" to try your hand at.

"no, you can't touch my new scooter OR my quilt!"

 I think it would be such a special Christmas gift.  Out of all the gifts my girls have gotten this year, their "baby thoughts" quilt has been their very favorite.  They love to hear stories about the things they did when they wore those clothes, or how old they were, where I bought them....anything (sometimes I can't remember so I make stuff up).  I also put a few special pockets on the quilt where I used baby clothes that weren't big enough to make a whole square out of. We like to hide love notes in those.  For Lydia's blanket, I started with 8 in. squares, Addy's were 6 in. and Averi's.....well, her's is just a whole different kind of quilt (we'll get to that some other day).

I adore her.

 Here's her cake.  I did the little cake bunting and Lydia did the rest.  I think she did a pretty nice job with the decorative white frosting :)  In case your wondering, I DON'T DECORATE CAKES.  Wow, we sure are talking about a lot of things I DON'T DO today aren't we?  I DO however, sew!  So... I cut out little pieces of scrapbook paper, and then sewed them together in a continuous line...yup, you can sew paper!  I left the thread long on both sides so that I could wrap them around some skewers with tape, and voila!  A decorated cake!
She IS the cutest 10 year old in the world right?  Or is that just me being a biased mommy? ;)

Happy Birthday my sweet Lydia!

Goodbye :)


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I think it looks great! My sister wants one from her kids' clothes, so I am gathering ideas on Pinterest and this will definitely be one I keep in mind. Great work.