Thursday, October 13, 2011

Summertime, A Little Of This And That

Averi's first day of kindergarten.  Wouldn't you love her if you were a Kindergarten teacher?  I'm just sure she's Mrs. Topham's favorite!  ;)  Ok maybe not, but she is MY favorite kindergartener!

Averi also lost her first tooth, just in time for school!
The kids and Mike waiting for "The Music Man" to begin, right after I snapped this photo I got in big trouble...OOPS!  They loved it!  Mike and I loved it so much we had to see it again!  I have really been enjoying me some USF this year!
First of Kindergarten, waiting for the bus.  Mike wanted to go too!  Averi wouldn't let me take her to school she was too excited to ride the bus like a big kid.  It was kinda weird not taking her :(
The Culligan Men of the past, present and future.....

Little Jack.  He loves anything tractor, truck, boat or automobile!

I asked the girls (and their cousins) what kind of craft they would like to do and they chose "cupcake stands".  They were a perfect easy craft to with them.  I let them paint the edges of the plate and the bottom to match, then we sprayed some shiny finish on and I glued it for them.  I'm surprised at how much they use these little beauties.  They love to bring me a cookie or note on it.
Lake Powell trip.  Jack is playing horse shoes with the big boys. me the "freaky eye"

Little Addy learned to ski.  These girls have surprised me with their will power and "never give up" attitude.

Check out Averi's face. This was her face during every tube ride the whole trip, accompanied with a psychotic chipmunk laugh of course.

My kids have the greatest Dad. He has been playing jump rope games with them this summer on Sundays. It's pretty hilarious! I think his goal is to make them laugh so hard they mess up. I bought this 16ft. jump rope on Amazon for like 10 bucks. I wanted it because this is the kind I used to jump with at school recess. It's the best! I think it's called a plastic segmented jump rope or something like that if anyone wants to search it.
Here is Lydia carving all our names in the rock at Powell.
Ice cream with Grandma Cathy.
My new birthday shades from Mike.  Here I am at the McDonald's drive through...classy dining! ;)

My little nephew Johnny Jr. turned one. I wanted to show off his cute smile and cute shirt!  Jack refers to him as "baby Jom"     

As you can see, my blog is still having an identity crisis but that's ok.  I don't want to stop blogging about my family, and I have no desire to spend all my time keeping up 8 blogs, so I guess you will find it all here.  We had a blessed fun and busy summer.  I am so grateful for my family and my life.  I really don't deserve all this goodness!