Thursday, April 7, 2011

If You Don't Like It Paint It!

Today I will be speaking to you about my favorite thing.........spray paint!!! Let me just say, Rust-oleum Painter's Touch Ultra Cover 2x coverage spray paint........Is. The. Bomb! I know it's a really long name but trust me I have used every brand of spray paint in the book and THIS is it! I'll never go back. If they don't have the color I want, I'll paint whatever I'm painting a different color!!!!

I have been meaning to post about spray paint for a long time. I use it A LOT. These are just a few pictures of the things I've painted in the last week (clearly I went a little paint crazy last week).

I'm too tired to try to put these pictures in order (any suggestions on how to rearrange pictures after I have already uploaded them????), so bare with me.

The above picture is of an adorable fake cake that the one and only Shanna made for my Mother's birthday. I told her I wanted to give her a "tea party looking cake" and this is what we came up with! She did an amazing job! It was much cuter than I could even hope for! Yay for Shanna!! The cake stand is made from a plate and candlestick I bought at the thrift store. Here comes your tutorial on how to make a cake (or desert) platter, you ready? Get a plate, get a candlestick and glue the candlestick to the bottom of the plate with E6000 glue (found at Walmart). Pretty simple. I wanted the platter to match my kitchen so I painted the candlestick and the rim of the plate. I LOVE it! Warning these are not dishwasher safe.
Here is a picture of the plate. Its just a little one. I will most likely use it for cookies and treats! Right now it has bananas on it ;)
Next we have the two tables I painted for my living room. I spray painted them metalic silver. I love how they turned out, it glams the room right up! They do need new vintage glam handles though...
Now I need to figure out how to go about hanging all these frames I've collected. I found most of them at the D.I. and spray painted them too! I have one tip I would like to share about spray painting. If you don't have time to sand down the piece of furniture before you spray it, use a spray primer before and a brush on lacquer when you are finished.
I needed, and still need, more decor in my bedroom. As you can see I have an orange/cream/bird theme going on..... The wall art is a vinyl decal I bought from etsy.
These are also frames I've collected from yard sales and thrift stores. They don't look like it in this picture, but they are orange. I got the images off of a blog called The Graphics Fairy. This might be my favorite blog I've found yet!! Only because I love art so much!! All her artwork is printable and there is a Ton! Mostly vintage stuff. I want to marry this blog! And spray paint can be my bridesmaid ;)