Saturday, March 15, 2008


Well thank you everyone for all your advice and help on blogging. I'm still very sad I lost everything but many of you have sent me links on how not to let that happen again. Infact my friends Kindra and Jenny both sent me some links that I think are going to be very helpful (when I get around to doing it). When I get it all figured out I will post a link to these very helpful sites on my blog for those of you who are still struggling like me. I'm not going to let it get me down! Why does it have to be so complicated though? I seriously feel like I'm trying to figure out my math homework or something. I actually have to use my brain and it stinks! Actually it feels kind of good to use my brain sometimes.

Well Ady and Lydia had their dance recital tonight (I'll post pictures later). They were so cute! I just loved it! I also need to post pictures of my brother Dexter's wedding and my sister Chanelle's. I want to document something funny Ady said at Dexter's wedding reception. She wanted me to take her to the bathroom so we were in the "family" restroom just waiting for her to make her "movement", and she says "hey mom you know all of those things that come out of your bum like poo poo, pee pee and diareah?" "yes" I answered, "Well" she says, "When you flush them down they all play together". "Really? Who told you that?" I said. "No one" she said in a kind of eery voice "I just know". I just busted up laughing, she comes up with the weirdest things, everytime she goes to the bathroom she must think "hey your going to have fun down there with my other poop, tell them hi for me". I also must explain that all my kids for some reason don't think that diareah is poop, diareah has it's own category. We are really not a disgusting potty talking family like I'm sure my blog post's make me sound, infact my kids aren't aloud to use potty talk except when they are in the bathroom, that's probably why they say such funny things when they are in there. It's like a special treat for them. Sometimes they just go in there and say every potty word they can think of, laugh their heads off, and then come out.