Friday, March 21, 2008

Potty pants, Patches and Pretending

Meet Mike my adorable husband. I think he was dissapointed when I told him we were doing a family blog and then realized really it was me just rambling on about myself and the kids. Here he is with short hair and then long. He wants to cut it again. Hmmm let's decide short hair or longer? I vote don't cut. I would also like to forward all the tags I have done on to him. He feels left out I think he really wanted to talk about his favorite pair of shoes.

Averi loves to color more than anything. It's really new to me because both Lydia and Ady really don't like it. Ady usually brings her papers home from preschool with a couple of lines on them. I'm sure she figures she has done the required amount and now she's done. They both like to try to write letters and they can color it's just not their favorite thing to do. Averi pretends with her coloring it's soo cute. She will be drawing and say something like "oh you want to go over here, okay here's a doggy for you." Sometimes her art projects even fight with each other. She will sit and color for 30-40 minutes sometimes until the entire page is filled up with colorful little swirly's and scribbles. Averi can entertain herself for hours. She doesn't even seem to notice when both the girls are at school. She just goes in their room and pretends. It's my favorite thing to listen to. Yesterday I heard her in her room by herself saying "it's just fifty dollars okay!!!" hmm I can't imagine where she heard that. She's full of it and I love it!

Averi is potty trained! She just turned two and a half. I just love her fat bum and her squaty little legs. Just like it was with Ady I can't take a whole lot of credit for the potty training. They both just kind of started taking off their diapers and going on the potty. I'm just the lady who gives out chocolate when you poop!

This is a picture of Averi looking in a car mirror. I was inside the house watching from the window. Her hair got messed up and she was concerned so she went to the neighbors car mirror to see if she could fix it. I'm curious to see if she will be a girly girl like Ady or little miss casual like Lydia.

Lydia got new glasses (the pink ones) they had to up her perscription to +5.75 in her left eye. For those of you with glasses you'll know that # is a pretty strong perscription. The doctor says she is legally blind in her left eye, but she has basically been tuning out her left eye and just using her right. This will eventually cause the eye to look lazy if we don't get it fixed. Their only way of fixing it is by patching the good eye, forcing the bad eye to do all the work therfore making it stronger. We have been patching on and off for about a year. She only has to wear the patch after school but as you can see she loves it.
Okay not really. It's a battle with her every day to get her to wear it. Can you blame her? The other day I explained to Lydia what a comedian was and she said she'd like to be one when she grows up. She loves to make people laugh. She is at that stage and has that type of silly humor that is halarious to anyone under the age of 10 but can be a little overbearing and annoying to any adult. I try to be patient with it though. The poor thing, sometimes I'm in the mood to laugh my head off at her and other times I am just NOT in the mood. How's she suppossed to know? The other day she did say something that struck me pretty funny. I just have to start off by saying that we have this song we always listen to. It's called Apologize. It says "it's too late to apologize......too late....too late" yes I'm sure you've all heard it. One time Mike and I got in a little tiff and after that, he put the song "Apologize" as his ring tone for me when I called, and when I would try to be nice or talk about it he would sing me that song (as a joke obviously). Anyway now my kids absolutely love that song, especially Lydia. One day we were listening to the song and Lydia was sitting there thinking about it real hard and then finally said "mom maybe the guys wife was dressed up like a bad guy and then he shot her, so he's saying it's too late to apologize, she's dead." I busted up laughing, of course her innocent little mind wouldn't or couldn't think of the real reason that it's "too late to apologize"! Lydia is a little sweet heart. She is doing really well at school she is in Kindergarten and she gets a long wonderfully with all the kids and loves school. One time we had to miss a day of school so that I could go to St. George. She started bawling and said "can't you understand mom? school is important to me!" Her teacher said at her mid-year assesment that she can read as well as a end of the year 1st grader. She loves to read and it makes me so proud to hear her. She is the one who reminds me at night that she needs to do her reading. I'm actually suppossed to read to her every night and she's suppossed to read to me 3 times a week. Somehow she missunderstood and thinks she is suppossed to read to me every night so I just went with it. Instead of reading all begginning reader books we also read the children's books from off her shelf ("Fancy Nancy" is a book I would suggest to anyone with girls), I think it has helped her a lot. Well I'm signing off since it's 1:30 and I still havn't showered or gotten ready. Happy Easter! We wrote a letter to the Easter Bunny a few years ago asking him to put us on his Friday night route, so we can concentrate on the reason for Easter on Sunday. I love my Savior and am especially grateful for what he has done for me today, I do make a lot of mistakes and am eternally grateful for his atonement.


The Torgersen's said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

As for Mike, I don't know. It's weird to see him with longer hair since all I have really known him to have was a missionary haircut. He looks good both ways. Terrell's hair is always way short, when it's long it makes his head look big, ha ha. No more diapers is a reason to have a huge party!!!! My goal is to have Jack potty trained next summer, a goal that I'm looking forward to accomplishing!! E-mail me pics of your house. Terrell said it was really nice when he came and put in your floors, I never get to see the stuff he does. Plus I'm kind of nosey and love looking at other peoples houses and model homes to get ideas for mine someday!

The Hamlin Family said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I seriously love your family Sundi and I love reading about each of your kids. I can't believe how old Lydia is now!!! It seems like just yesterday when we were out doing the "alarm" thing and she was a baby. Anyways, your two girls were adorable in the dance recital and I think little Averi is hilarious checking her hair out in the mirror!!! It makes me wonder how Livvy will be...girly girl or not...because she LOVES wearing Luke's baseball hats and tries her hardest to pull her bows out of her hair. (I think having another boy isn't going to help much...but what do you do...only time will tell!!!) Anyways...DON'T let Mike take over blogging...hahaha...sorry Mike!!! Matt did (without my permission) when I was sick and he posted the craziest pictures of us. I actually had to delete a couple of them...but, at least he tried. You just never know what you're going to get when your husband blogs...hahaha!!!

Boo & Sara said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Your kids are so cute and you are a great photography. You know how to capture the moment. I am really curious on the face of your dream home. Is it on our street? Post a pic.

Zach and Shanna said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

You have such a cute family and you take the best pictures of them. I'll be sad when you build your dream home and move away from us!