Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I've been dreaming of a true love's kiss

If anyone has seen the movie Enchanted you'll know where my title came from. Yesterday (not to mention everyday) we had a display of how different my 3 girls are from each other. Obviously they are so different in looks, but personalities too. Ady kept singing "I've been dreaming...." and then she would go kiss everyone, then she would say to Mike "Dad lets fall in love -k-?" then she would grab his hands and say "now dance with me, your the prince and I'm the princess and I'm wearing a beautiful dress" (this happens a lot, if Mike's not around then I have to be the prince). The whole time this is going on Lydia is trying her hardest to cover her eyes and ears at the same time, yelling "stop! stop! that's so gross!". I said to her "Lydia chill out what is the big deal?" She said "I don't like talking about love and kissing it makes me feel all weird!" Whenever she watches her favorite movie, Peter Pan (not the cartoon), she closes one eye when Peter and Wendy kiss and her face turns all red from embarrassment. At night when I go to give the kids a hug and kiss I say "true love's kiss" or sometimes to tease I ask them "are you my true love's kiss?" Lydia goes baserk (spelling?), she's so funny to tease. I don't think it's an age thing, she has always been this way. Ady tells us everyday someone new she wants to marry and Lydia has always said when asked who she will marry "I don't know I'll decide when I'm older!" However, I know Lydia thinks about it she just won't admit to it. One day she said to me "Mom I wish I could marry Daddy". I said "well you can't marry Daddy because I'm married to him, but maybe you can marry someone just like him someday". "Ya and his name will be Mike too" she said. Then she thought for a while and then said "Mom when you were looking for a husband were you driving in your car or just walking around looking for one?" I love priceless little moments like that. We have a lot of them so I'm sure that's what this blog will mostly be. I know we always think we will remember things but after you have so many kids you just don't have enough brain space. My kids also demonstrate their different styles in the way they dress, Ady always wants to be fancy but to Lydia "fancy" is the enemy, she likes to wear cute little graphic tee's and jeans everyday. Ady wants to wear dresses or skirts with bows all over her head. Lydia is not a tomboy by any means she just likes things simple. I'm curious to see how Averi will turn out. Right now she just wants to do whatever her sisters are doing. She's ontrack to be the silliest one of all though and that scares me!


Berezay said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

That is sooo cute! I'm not completely sure you'd remember me..I'm Mike Jones' sister...I saw this on Brit's blog...do you care if I add you to mine? Your girls are soo cute!

Lindsie said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

hi sund! LOVE the blog layout! your posts are so fun! i was laughing so hard at how lydia was asking you if you were driving around or walking around to find your husband. ha ha! i still remember your story on the girls website about how lydia had some popcorn or crumbs that she was playing with. you have to keep writing this stuff cause its hilarious! you are so cute sund! loves

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Hey girl! I LOVE your blog. It is so fun to look at all your pictures and read the awesome stories. Kids are sooooo entertaining! Your girls make me really really want to have one! You and the girls are so beautiful. I haven't ever seen your baby.....last time I saw you was when you were pregnant with her. I can't believe you have a blondie. Awwww, life looks really good on you. It's pathetic that we haven't gotten together....lets do that soon. I can't stay away from St. George for very long, so next time I'm up there we need to go to lunch or something. Email me your phone # at aubsthe1@hotmail.com I am so excited your blogging...yipee! Hope to hear from you soon! Love ya, Aub

Greg & Kortney Manning said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I'm so glad you've joined the blogger world. I love to keep up with everyone, and this makes it so easy. Your girls crack me up! Fun!
Take care,