Saturday, March 29, 2008

Easter in Overton

Well we had a lovely Easter in Overton Nevada. I havn't posted about it yet because I'm finding it kind of hard to think lately with my kids asking me questions every two seconds! Like just now Ady asked me if we could have a movie night tonight...then she asked if she could have a sucker..... then she had me check her mouth for cavities.... then she proceded to tell me that she is thinking about me, and so on and so forth. Oh how I do love to hear their sweet little voices though, especially if their not whining! It was fun to see my family. As for my mom's side of the family I enjoy seeing them too but we don't talk a whole lot so it's kind of awkward. My grandma has been diagnosed with about 10 different kinds of cancer about 10 different times she is quite the fighter however doctors are saying this time it's terminal. I feel sad inside to know that I will never be as close to my grandma as I would have liked to have been. She is a very kind person, but also a little bit closed (if that makes sense). My grandpa died about 10 years ago and I would love to see my grandma not have to go through any more pain my worry is just that I fear she hasn't found God yet or atleast a faith in him. I don't know what else to say or do for her except maybe write her a letter with my testimony in it and pray for her. I just don't want her to be afraid when she dies. I guess I should probably tell her I love her too. I had a lot of regrets when my grandpa died. For example he was really into country music, he sang and played the guitar. He always expressed his wishes that I would learn a country song and sing it for him. He died very suddenly and I never got that chance. I guess I should feel lucky I have a little bit of a warning with my grandma I'm just not sure what I will do with it.


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I am sorry about your Grandma, but it sounds like you have the right idea about what to do. Your family is beautiful and it looks like you had a great time!